Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Getting Excited for School: Breakout Style

Ok, I will admit to typing that title with mixed emotions.  I LOVE summer.  I love having time to read, and watch TV, go sit by the pool, fun stuff with my know, the list goes on and on.

But, since summer is almost over, I am faced with the choice of going back school begrudgingly, or finding the things I can get excited about.  I choose option #2.

One reason I'm very excited for school is another chance to use my Breakout EDU kit.  I have started planning one of the Breakouts for the first quarter of the year.  It is an Indiana Jones themed breakout to go along with the Connected Math unit, Stretching and Shrinking.  I'm calling it Temple of the Wumps, and I think it will be a total blast!  It is this kind of stuff that always keeps me so excited about teaching!  I hope the excitement is contagious with the kids.  The unit is based around similarity, so there is all kinds of scale drawings and stuff as clues.
The map of the Wump archaeological dig is a major clue! 

This Breakout was super fun to plan.  I used all kinds of online cool stuff to make old looking artifacts.  You can see my diary, map, and newspaper clippings.  They all provide Breakout clues, and I may be biased, but I think they are so cool!

Anyway, between this and a couple of Math Stories I want to plan (Preventing the Zombie Apocalypse and Martian Rescue), I can totally get excited for school to start!

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