Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Space Camp Adventures

June 2016:  Honeywell Educators at Space Camp

The opportunity to attend Space Camp for Educators in Huntsville, Alabama truly was the opportunity of a lifetime. I truly want to remember every thing I can about this amazing experience, so that's why I'm starting this blog.

I arrived in Huntsville on Wednesday, June 15.  I really didn't know very much about the US Space and Rocket Center prior to arriving in Huntsville.  It's pretty awesome when you start to see the rockets looming up ahead of you!  Driving by the US Space and Rocket Center for the first time was pretty cool....getting to see what a large facility it really it, and knowing that I was going to spend the next five days at this place.  We stopped at the Space and Rocket Center for lunch, and then it was off to University of Alabama to check in.  The first thing we did when we got to University of Alabama was check in and get our flight suits.  I've got to say....getting my own flight suit was pretty exciting!  After we checked in, the rest of the day was very low-key.  My roommates didn't arrive until later that evening, so I just kind of relaxed for the rest of the day.

So Thursday was my first actual day of camp.  I think the first surprise for me was to hear that we had to take our flight suits with us every day....I guess I thought we would ease into the flight suits, but that was definitely not the case!  It turns out that day one is "Media Day", and between that and two guest speakers we were in and out of our suits all day long!  
The first thing we did was have a guest speaker, who was Bill Buckbee.  He was incredible to listen to, as he had been involved with the space program right from the beginning.  He had all kinds of cool stories about the early space program.  I think that thing that he said that stuck with me the most was responding about why we haven't gotten to Mars yet....because no one has challenged us to.  That really made me stop and think.  We got to have team pictures with him after, plus we got a signed book. 

Next we got to go have a docent led tour of the Davidson Center, which housed a Saturn V rocket...full sized up on the ceiling.  Our tour guide was named Luke Talley, and he was awesome.  He knew so much about the rocket, and at the end of the tour he showed us his picture in the museum.....because he had worked on the Saturn V.  So amazing!

Then it was time for team and group pictures.....outside, under the shuttle.  And oh my, was it hot in our flight suits.  Ugh!

The next thing on day one was getting to listen to an actual astronaut, Dotti Metcalf Lindenburger.  She was also a Space Camp graduate!  her message was great..don't give up on your dreams. Work hard to make harm come true.  The best part of her message was the idea that we have to tell people what our dreams are so they can support us and hold us accountable.