Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Putting the STE in STEM

I will admit...I've never really done any STEM activities.  Well, except for the M part obviously since I'm a math teacher.  But Space Camp really inspired me.  I want to try STEM activities this year, to help my kids see math and science and exciting and awesome....like I see it!  But I will admit, it seems difficult.  Where does the time come from?  I already can't get through everything.

Here is the plan for how I am going to start doing more STEM this year, without giving up too much time.  I want to plan a STEM activity for each quarter.  I want to do the same activity two times, to bring in the redesign aspect of the engineering process.  I figure if I do the activity once, and my science teacher does it the second time, then that will cut the time needed to implement.  Then I want to use this data as my way of teaching statistics, and percent change.  Maybe over time I will think of more curriculum ties, but that is where I will start.

Anyway, here's to more STEM activities this year....and not just the M!

One of my favorite STEM challenges from Space Camp.  Build a lander and a rover.

Happy Landing...not too shabby!

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